Winning in 2019

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing…” Vince Lombardi, NFL Green Bay Packers Coach January press reports have been replete with stories on WINNING. The loss of a critical vote regarding Brexit by Prime Minister, Theresa May, was followed by a win against a motion of ‘no confidence’ in her government.  There has been [...]

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Get SASSYY on International Women’s Day

Whitespace is pleased to offer congratulations to all women on this International Women’s Day.  Our founder  offers the observation that: "It takes courage and self awareness for a woman to remain calm and draw on her feminine energy...especially when confronted with the constant aggression found in the Yang energy, held in such high esteem [...]

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The Importance of Attitude: How Changing Your Attitude Will Change Your Life

In order to consciously evolve and master ourselves, our attitude in each moment is what we should focus on as our gauge of personal mastery. We are beings of perception, and the quality of our perception is determined by our attitude. This is the importance of attitude. An individual who has the openness, honesty, [...]

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Do Not Let Past Failures Affect Your Present

We often find that past events continue to haunt us in the present and also impact our future. This is most apparent with negative instances. Such situations are sometimes inevitable as every individual’s experiences undoubtedly shape the person’s perceptions and behaviour in the present. However, it is important not to let the failures of [...]

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Grace and Gratitude, Why and How?

In ancient Greek and Roman mythologies the Three Graces were the daughters of Zeus. These three sisters were reputed to be the embodiment of charm and beauty and creativity. Their virtues inspired artists, including Rubens and Boticelli, and most famously the sculptor, Canova, who executed several renditions in shimmering white marble. The Romans called [...]

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Corruption and Leadership

More frequently we read about leaders in large public organisations abusing their powerful leadership position. They are not able to manage their power and became greedy for money and fall down the corruption trap. A recent example was some of the FIFA leaders who have reportedly accepted bribes exceeding $150 million. The British historian, Lord [...]

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