Karren Brooks - Whitespace


Karren founded Whitespace at the request of her successful client base from the London Leadership Centre.  She is passionate about the mind and the neuroscience, which helps explain the emotional and mental performance so significant to attaining success and happiness. Karren has been an acclaimed entrepreneur which gives her additional credibility in her advisory services to major corporations.  Karren is known for her provocative interviews, insightful blogs, and will soon publish her first book called Spiritual Currency Life’s Capital.

Adrian Watney - Whitespace


Adrian has been a successful English solicitor, specialising in property law and private client investment vehicles.  Adrian brings his ample experience in philanthropic organisations such as his Chairmanship of Alzheimers and Directorship of Mercers to improve our advice to significant families in our Whitespace Family Dynamics offering. Adrian is a compelling speaker on behalf of Whitespace on topics including leadership, education, life’s transitions and mindfulness.

Catherine Taylor - Whitespace


Catherine has for over twenty years helped thousands of people globally to transform their personal lives and businesses. As a master educator, performance coach, speaker, business growth strategist and author, Catherine travels internationally to deliver keynotes, seminars and coaching programs. Her presentation style is punchy and entertaining.

Barry Fairburn - Whitespace


Barry’s energy, strength and vibrancy, is due to his wholesome lifestyle and enhanced nutrition, which he studies and employs rigorously. He has developed his own system of emotional bio-feedback which he uses in life transformative counseling.  Barry is also known as the Master of Luck and having studied its vagaries and ramifications for more than half a century, may possibly be the world’s leading expert on this arcane subject. Barry is a significant contributor to our offerings and blogs with his experience and wisdom.

JT Taylor - Whitespace


JT is a senior banker and corporate manager and enjoys researching and writing for Whitespace. He advises clients in the Advanced Leadership and Family Dynamics offerings and is renowned for bringing his varied international experiences to our global client base. Having moved many times, changed jobs and careers, among other significant changes in his life, Tim is able to relate to Whitespace clients in our Life Transition offering. Whitespace is pleased to offer Tim for public speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

Curtis Oakes - Whitespace


Curtis has been one of the most successful Real Estate brokers in the State of California for over two decades.  Curtis brings his business acumen, spirituality and leadership to Whitespace and has been a key contributor to our Advanced Leadership and Mindfulness offerings.

Nicky Dainton - Whitespace


Nicky has had over 30 years experience working in various sales and development roles as well as running an event management company. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building client relationships and has been the backbone in coordinating various projects from initial ideas through to completion.