1. Ask the right questions

You can never underestimate the power that asking questions has, it is just like that old saying, ‘Don’t ask, don’t get’. A short test for you, quickly, without overthinking it, write down ten different variations of the same question. You will likely find that one of your new ideas will be better than your original question.

2. Be open and create your own luck

Creative people are those who have a positive outlook on everything and who search for solutions, rather than just sitting back and letting problems grow. Think about how you would describe yourself, would you say you are lucky or unlucky? If you believe you’re blessed with the lucky gene, then know that you likely react to unexpected opportunities in a more sufficient way, as well as network with others much better than those who believe they are unlucky.

3. Imagine your future five years from now

Good, keep doing that- What can you see? Are you wildly successful? Now, how did you get there? Write down every step on a piece of paper. What was the first stage you took? How did you reach your end goal? What obstacles did you overcome? When you’ve done that, clear your mind and allow these ideas of your future to fill you up, allow them to take over, allow them to fuel your creativity. Just keep imagining that new and improved you five years from now and you’ll go far.

4. Make something out of your great ideas

Visualisation is going to be your new best friend when illustrating your plans. Doodle it. Draw it. Make it. You and your team will better understand what you’re trying to say if they can see it, plus, they are less likely to forget it!

5. Choose the best ideas

If you have followed the previous tips then this should be easy. Choose what inspires you, choose the idea that ignites the creative flare inside of you. Pick the best ideas and just keep creating, keep evolving, keep growing them until they are the best they can possibly be.

What is your Genius Within?