Are you :

  • Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and frazzled? …
  • Juggling a million and one “priorities”; family, homelife, business, clients….?
  • A leader who needs to gain clarity in order to increase the effectiveness of your team?
  • Required to make multiple, important decisions daily but finding it impossible to do so…?

Decision fatigue is real my friend..…

How can you gain improved mental capacity and improve your overall physicality, removing impediments and reducing anxiety?

Whitespace uses the latest methodologies to measure your brain’s energetic frequencies and train your neural pathways for optimum performance. While eastern philosophy, which employs frequent intense meditation, has been proven by western science to have beneficial physiological effects, not everyone has the time or discipline required for this mastery. Whitespace shortcuts the process and allows the positive brain wave generation to produce better habits and more time, space and energy. If you need more focus, better sleep, less stress and increased energy, Whitespace Health Dynamics is for you.
Our evolved physiology begins in early development as an embryo where external stimuli teaches us to walk and talk by creating neural pathways and synaptic connections. if you like, training our brains.

The brain is in fact malleable and as such can be moulded positively or negatively, using specific neural exercises to address and control negative physical and mental ailments. With the help of specifically developed systems, brain waves can be manipulated in a non-invasive manner to attain certain frequencies, which alter non desirable effects and drive peak performance!

Are you looking for answers to personal health problems? Whitespace can introduce you to a patented technology which uses US FDA approved bio-scan technology. We all know of our bodies ability to communicate tension through blood pressure analysis and stress through galvanic skin response but did you know that bio-feedback can now produce 250 individualised health markers. Whitespace will translate this simple scan into a personalised report which may show deficiencies and allergies that our clients can use to implement mitigating changes to diet and supplements. In this time of increasing viral threats, one's immune system must combat increasingly difficult variants. If you would like to understand the state of your immune system, this simple scan is a great place to begin. Read more about Personal Wellness >
Within each of us is created true genius. We each have an inventory the moods and emotions, which stifles our genius within. Knowing these bring benefits to your company and happier employees who analyse information in greater detail and make decisions with greater accuracy. Read more about Genius Within >
Are your company’s leaders concerned for the health and well-being of their employees? While most HR managers and company directors would answer with a resounding, YES! The important response should come from the employees, and remember-their perception is the reality-for the overall wellness of the company. You may have added the workplace fresh fruit basket or given incentives to gym memberships, weight loss programs or fitness regimes, but is the perception of your staff one of a company ethic,dedicated to improved wellness?  Whitespace offers alternative health plans which increase the productivity of the participants as measured by both, their perception and actual workdays, versus absences. Sick days are one of the most difficult workplace problems, but can be tracked; our programs are designed to lower absenteeism and increase the energy for the entire workforce. Health and lifestyle choices are necessarily a personal decision but the importance of energy, focus and productivity is a matter for management concern.  The hesitation to impose rules or prohibitions is not just a European cultural phenomenon, but a legal concern for most HR departments. Strong corporate guidelines or suggestions as to diet, weight, smoking, alcohol consumption etc. are often accompanied by a skepticism which categorises these legitimate concerns as “nanny state” tactics. Whitespace has a unique approach which has a high level of acceptance and implementation with three areas of focus which can be presented as a complete program or individualised as budgets and participants require. First, Whitespace uses a revolutionary technology to identify food allergies and digestive deficiencies which can be directly linked to pathological deterioration in particular organs and biological systems of the participant.  Because the examination is non-invasive, using bio-feedback machines, similar to electro cardiograms and galvanic skin response apparatus, participants can receive a personalised report and chose to incorporate some or all of the suggestions.  This is not the normal dietary recommendations to avoid dairy, or gluten or alcohol, which are hugely over-emphasised in well-being literature. An example, may be to avoid citrus and nuts in order to avoid decreased circulation, which will help mitigate headache frequency and intensity in the majority of sufferers. The stated goal of this examination is to identify food sensitivities and dietary deficiencies resulting in personalised recommendations which can be implemented in whole or partially with immediate and increasing well-being for the participants. Second, Whitespace conducts a sleep quality interview.  Insomnia, to some degree, occurs in the majority of adult humans. This is not just, avoid caffeinated drinks after 4pm. suggested life hacks, but an in depth analysis of how much and how restful is your employees’ normal sleep.  Discussions of sensory disturbances such as sounds, and lights and smells which may inhibit sleep, will help your employees chose the optimum conditions for an energy renewing rest period. The dividends of increased productivity from well rested employees is the obvious benefit to our program. Third,  Whitespace works with experts in vitamin and dietary supplements to offer a personalised regime of energy enhancing recommendations.  Your company may wish to subsidise or offer our discounted purchase plans to your employees.  All of our supplements are vegan approved and of the highest quality. Your employees immune systems deserve the mitigation that a few well chosen supplements can guarantee.  The science behind our recommendations is well-documented and the expected results are personalised for the participants. If you would like to increase the energy and productivity of your employees while reducing sick days and low-performance attendance, please connect with us for a plan designed to demonstrate the care you have for your company’s health and well being. All of Whitespace recommendations have been endorsed by traditional medical practitioners and are complementary to prescribed medicines and cures.  As always your physician should be consulted and involved with any medical concerns you may have.

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