“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing…”
Vince Lombardi, NFL Green Bay Packers Coach

January press reports have been replete with stories on WINNING. The loss of a critical vote regarding Brexit by Prime Minister, Theresa May, was followed by a win against a motion of ‘no confidence’ in her government.  There has been international coverage of the U.S. Federal Government shutdown and the battle by President Donald Trump to win concessions from the opposition Democratic Party.

Although winning is a constant goal of politicians, we remain strictly apolitical, with the important caveat that we strongly believe in compromise. The often mentioned, ‘zero sum game’ where what one side wins is exactly what the other loses, is not the way our community and methodology sees the real world. Positive results are all important and in every aspect of high performance people, Whitespace promotes understanding, enjoying and sustaining or being able to return to the win. All too often, one seeks conflict or loss in order to return to the adrenaline high of a win. It is the ability to celebrate and sustain a winning mentality which is more important than the transient enjoyment of short term victories.

Helping You to Win

You may not be aware of it, but you have an instinctive way of winning, solving problems and making decisions. And your winning method is unique to you and you alone.

When you are forced to act against those instincts you find your energy levels are rapidly depleted and your creativity is exhausted. But when you are free to harness your creative energy and act according to your instincts, then you are unstoppable.

Take your Dynamic Self Assessment and be a winner.

Sustained Winner

Shortly before the end of last year, one of the most successful and best known football teams, Manchester United, sacked their coach, Jose Mourinho. The club’s administrators cited poor results or lack of wins as the reason to terminate one of the most winning of coaches in the history of the sport. Coach Mourinho, famously auto-proclaimed himself, “the Special One,” and was heard to chastise and remind the press that no other active coach in the English Premier League had won three league championships…which he felt merited, “respect.”

Sports Journalists throughout January have argued whether Coach Mourinho is a ‘winner’ or had he “lost it.” Possibly even more telling in the debate of ‘what makes a winner?’…is demonstrated in the subsequent 8 consecutive wins by Mourinho’s same players of Manchester United, now led by the relatively inexperienced successor Coach, Ole Gunnar Solskær. Most pundits believe these historic consecutive wins are more a positive reaction to Mourinho’s termination than attributable to the new Coach.

In sport, “…winning is everything…” as American Football Coach, Lombardi reportedly told his players while leading them to the first two consecutive Super Bowl victories. Sports scientists often debate the ‘process’ to get to the win, and talk about the ‘journey.’ Whitespace Sports Dynamics offers coaching sessions to help elite athletes handle both their wins and losses.

Winning Family Dynamics

While business, politics and sports are constantly analysed in terms of wins and losses, less frequently legacy families are characterised by winning and losing. In successful families, the ability to transfer wealth and important values is often the source of generational conflict. A poll by TD Wealth showed that 44 percent of attorneys, trust officers and accountants cited family conflicts as the biggest threat to estate planning. Whitespace Family Dynamics offers family coaching to minimise conflict and articulate multi generational philanthropic goals which can be the ultimate win for society as well as the individuals involved.

So January, begins with stories of Wins and Losses and we at Whitespace hope your year has begun with resounding success and that it may continue throughout the year.