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Cryo Therapy – the Cold Hard Facts

“It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver.” ~Mahatma Gandhi When the top 100 global athletes from both team and individual sports are able to command annual earnings between $25 million and $250 million (Forbes) every advantage is constantly explored by agents, coaches and sports scientists to maximise their [...]

2017-05-29T10:35:13+00:0010th April 2017|Sports Dynamics|0 Comments

The Importance of Attitude: How Changing Your Attitude Will Change Your Life

In order to consciously evolve and master ourselves, our attitude in each moment is what we should focus on as our gauge of personal mastery. We are beings of perception, and the quality of our perception is determined by our attitude. This is the importance of attitude. An individual who has the openness, honesty, [...]

2020-11-22T11:26:35+00:0011th March 2017|Advanced Leadership, Life Transition|0 Comments

Alexa, why am I talking to a digital assistant?

In a recent article in the Technology section of "I" UK daily newspape, Rhiannon Williams asks the increasingly troubling question, “Why?” The online retailer, Amazon recently reported record sales in the millions of units of their Echo, which answers to the name, Alexa.  This cylindrical ‘smart’ speaker is armed with an increasingly sophisticated voice recognition [...]

2017-05-29T09:20:32+00:0030th January 2017|Genius Within|0 Comments

Do Not Let Past Failures Affect Your Present

We often find that past events continue to haunt us in the present and also impact our future. This is most apparent with negative instances. Such situations are sometimes inevitable as every individual’s experiences undoubtedly shape the person’s perceptions and behaviour in the present. However, it is important not to let the failures of [...]

2018-03-08T12:16:30+00:0026th February 2016|Advanced Leadership|0 Comments

Proof That Your Body is a Projection of Your Consciousness

In this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly influence that hologram and thus have complete control over the physical health of your body. We will also specifically explore the exact mechanism behind this principle, and don’t worry, I will provide scientific evidence [...]

2017-05-29T11:16:30+00:0013th February 2016|Corporate Consciousness|0 Comments

All You Need To Know About Happiness

Happiness has been debated, researched and theorised upon by theologians, psychologists, philosophers and even physiologists all opining on, why and how; many offering guaranteed techniques to achieve this much sought after and illusive emotional state.  It may seem a daunting task to deliver all one needs to know about happiness but we will try. [...]

2017-05-29T11:05:15+00:004th November 2015|Genius Within, Wellbeing|0 Comments

How were your holidays?

“How were your holidays?” Is a common question, when encountering someone in Britain during August and September.  It might surprise you to know that ‘hols’ or holidays, more correctly, is a derivation of the Old English word haligdoeg (halig holy and daeg day).  These original free days were inspired by religious institutions such as [...]

2017-05-29T09:43:54+00:0023rd August 2015|Family Dynamics|0 Comments
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