Whitespace Family Dynamics is an offering created to respond to the quest by multi-generational families seeking to refine and articulate their vision, unity and well-being.

The professionals of Whitespace have identified that the specialisation of modern disciplines in medicine, finance and emotional care are typically contracted for individual and reactive solutions rather than a holistic approach to the inter-related areas of Health, Money and Love. In our interactions with Spanish speaking clients in various countries, we have enjoyed hearing the salutation, Salud, Dinero y Amor and have adapted this universal greeting to express our bespoke service.

“Health, Money and Love”
“Salud, Dinero y Amor”

Whitespace will design a program to answer the questions of first generations’ parents, who ask, “How do we prepare our children and grand-children for their inheritance and the responsibility which comes with our legacy?” All parents want better health and preservation of wealth and emotional happiness for their family, but communicating and realising that intention can be difficult. This legacy purpose can take the form of a family constitution or family articles of intention, but building consensus and instituting procedures to insure family agreement requires dispassionate professional advice, not simply, a document. Whitespace Family Dynamics can deliver tested process and procedures to foment family unity and resolve conflicts. Whitespace would be pleased to design a program for your family.


Whitespace offers advisory sessions for both corporate groups and individual executives, who need to confront and indeed, ‘metamorphise’ into a happy and productive entity.  Metamorphosis comes from the Greek, μεταμόρφωσις, to transform, transforming. This is not the typical ‘embrace change’ and ‘overcome team resistance’ to new corporate strategies, but an emotional inventory of the upsets caused by our human proclivity to maintain the homeostatic balance, in other words, stay the same.

”There is nothing permanent except change”  HERACLITUS 4BC

Whitespace believes that business leaders need help to successfully ‘change often’ and we use the term ‘metamorphise’ because, like the biological transformative process from tadpole to frog or catepilllar to butterfly, executives need to address their natural emotional resistance to change and embrace their new responsibilities in order to expand their effectiveness.  The transformation required from executives who need to confront the increasingly frequent corporate events of downsizing or mergers with the accompanying change of reporting lines and critical objectives is always challenging.

Whitespace combines group exercises with individual consultations in order to build consensus, as well as, understand particular feelings, which may impede a successful transition.  Our methodology allows your key executives to articulate and confront their emotions, which promotes a successful transition.   Many times an executive’s personal life may carry over to the workplace and tragic events at home such as divorce and death as well as, the more mundane household changes may prevent the required executive metamorphosis. The confidential and safe environment of Whitespace will mitigate the upsets and resistance, which may be unseen and hidden from senior management.

Whitespace will review and refine the key objectives for your management team.  The clarity and definition of the corporate priorities is always more acceptable when delivered from an experienced, objective Whitespace professional. We would be pleased to design a bespoke program to your budgetary and time requirements.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change, often.”

– Winston Churchill

S.A.S.S.Y.Y. WOMEN is an acronym for the Whitespace offering designed to help ladies achieve Self Assured, Self Starting, Yin and Yang training. The cultural prohibitions preventing women from excelling in non-domestic roles, requires an understanding of both, the male and female energies found in each of us. The self awareness and communication skills developed in our program are designed to shatter the glass ceiling which continues to be constructed and supported by inhibited women and uninformed men. We have worked with several universities in formalised educational settings, to deliver programs designed to empower women. Our tailored programs for business go beyond the Human Resource departments’ requirements to sensitise the workplace and explores the productivity gained by diverse views. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin
Heads N Tails provides human clients the opportunity to improve their physical and mental well being (heads) by interaction with (tails) animals, especially dogs and horses. The offerings’ title, Heads N Tails, is evocative of the coin toss games, which assume that odds are even to predict whether one side or the other will be flipped. We believe that people treat their lives and happiness with much the same random expectations. Read more about Heads 'N Tails Dynamics