Now as many of our New Year’s “best intentions” are waning in importance and 2022 is well underway, what may have been resolutions can now be converted into goals and expectations. It’s a perfect time to introspect and review your personal universe and all that entails.

In Karren Whiteley Brooks book, Spiritual Currency Life’s Capital the author includes ‘contemplations’ which help the reader compile a “Book of Y.O.U.” or “Your Own Universe”. These exercises help one define and articulate one’s beliefs and indeed, spirituality. We are all about to have evidence of new and unusual findings from our known universe. The known universe is about to change again.

Unless you are an astronomer or physicist you may not have noticed the successful launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, JWST, on Christmas Day, which was executed by a team of 12 Western Nations including the US NASA and the Canadian Space Agency among others.

We have all heard of and marvelled at the discoveries and photos produced by the Hubble Space Telescope which have redefined our Universe over the last 30 years. This latest JWST project as the successor to Hubble, will allow global scientists to examine the farthest galaxies and test theories of the beginning of time.
British physicist, Brian Cox states that “JWST will challenge our current understanding of the universe and redefine our beliefs both scientific and religious.” Cox explains that while Hubble could view galaxies much better than earth-bound telescopes, the JWST will be able to see in infrared wavelengths allowing the astronomers a much clearer and penetrating view of the most distant galaxies, stars, and planets. The Webb Telescope’s ability to measure molecules of earth-like atmospheres light-years away will surely reveal a myriad of planets that should produce life and give us further information regarding our role in the universe.

In the last 50 years, we have had definitive pictures of the Earth from outer space and understood how remarkably fortunate we are to exist as humans with just the right temperatures and atmosphere to allow us to flourish. The precariousness of the Earth’s position, with extinction-level threats from asteroids and our own pollution among other dangers, will become more evident with the technology from the James Webb Space Telescope.
For live tracking watch JWST on YouTube.

These new views and images from JWST, which will begin transmitting from almost 1 Myn miles distance from the earth on or about late spring of 2022,will by definition, change our understanding of our universe.

As if this new information were not sufficient enough to unbalance our beliefs, now most major governments agree that UFOs or now re-named UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) actually do exist. Articles and videos of US government military encounters with UAPs are no longer denied.
Discoveries in artificial intelligence, astrophysics, and extra-terrestrials which were categorised as science fiction less than a century ago will continue to challenge our belief systems and re-define our universe.

When asked if aliens exist, the engineering entrepreneur, Elon Musk said less than a century ago we defined life simply as flora and fauna. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered and named an entire kingdom of fungi. Musk’s point is extraterrestrials may not yet be recognised by Homo Sapiens and actually live amongst us? That would certainly change our universe.

So if you wish to re-define your universe and turn your New year resolutions into attainable goals, remember to be S.M.A.R.T. an appropriate acronym. If one is to set intelligent goals that can be better than resolutions they must be

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-limited

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