Whitespace is the realm of energy and consciousness where one can safely let go of paradigm blocks and ‘become what’… they ‘may be.’

Whitespace appreciates your connection with us and we believe that our connection is no accident. Our firm intention is to facilitate your search for a better existence. Whitespace works in that zone where local consciousness meets universal consciousness. Our methodology is designed to increase self-awareness and stimulate the realisation of our potentials. Our tailor-made sessions allow you to embrace our universe, which we each create and which creates us. We passionately believe that our individual intentions can and do influence our health, our relations and our work. The quantum effect of well articulated, firm intentions will produce benefits throughout our world in ways we are just beginning to comprehend.

“There is just one life for each of us:
our own.” Euripides

We deliver our services to three main client identities through our Whitespace Business Dynamics, Whitespace Family Dynamics and Whitespace Sports Dynamics.

Whitespace bespoke programs are designed to achieve the sustained performance required for excellence and tranquility in one’s profession as well as one’s personal relationships.

The Whitespace spiral is inspired by an ancient mathematical formula introduced by the Medieval mathematician, Leonardo Pisano, who is better known as Fibonacci. 1180-1250

The Fibonacci sequence begins 1,1,2,3,5,8…with each number equal to the sum of the previous two. The logarithmic formula is a spiral which can be found throughout the natural world from Astronomers who find the equation in galactic spirals to Zoologists who see the same swirl in many shell bearing animals such as snails and nautili. Almost all flowers with their petals intact will total a Fibonacci number, such as 3 in the example of iris and lilies or 5 wild roses columbines and buttercups or as many as 34 petals in the case of field daisies.

This algorithim is found throughout the natural world and human ears and hands have this same magical relationship expressed as approximately a ratio of 1 to 1.68.

Whitespace believes in the scientific evidence for universal connectivity and is dedicated to raising awareness and indeed, the consciousness of our members.

Thank you for connecting with us.

We invite you to be Whitespace.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.


“ Our international network of professionals and clients invites you to ‘beWhitespace’ and experience this realm of heightened consciousness and sustained well being. Philosophers, theologians, spiritualists and gurus have debated ‘being’ and ‘becoming’ and will continue to explore human existence. We are dedicated to providing a safe space where each of us can excel by articulating our intentions and achieving our destiny.”

Karren Brooks, founder of Whitespace