Whitespace is pleased to offer congratulations to all women on this International Women’s Day.  Our founder  offers the observation that:

It takes courage and self awareness for a woman to remain calm and draw on her feminine energy…especially when confronted with the constant aggression found in the Yang energy, held in such high esteem throughout the male dominated world.” ~ Karren Brooks

The ancient Chinese philosophy written in the TAO defines the Yang as the “sunny side” and attributes a male significance to this “light” source while Yin is the shady side and linked with the feminine energy. The Chinese embraced the duality and necessity for both energies to co-exist… No light without darkness.

Karren offers the thought that in almost every culture and language our planet Earth is described in the feminine as in English, “Mother Earth” or the Latin based languages… “la tierra” Spanish or “la terra” in Brazil. The nurturing protective and fertile aspects of femininity have been misconstrued to imply weakness while the very opposite is evident when viewed on a biological level.

When the word “feminine” is described in most Western dictionaries as that traditionally linked to female virtues… such as delicacy and prettiness. It more than “about time” to redefine our world view. While we don’t wish to trivialise the important gains and media coverage of feminist campaigns such as #metoo, we at Whitespace are excited to promote those women who want to get S.A.S.S.Y.Y.