Get SASSYY on International Women’s Day

Whitespace is pleased to offer congratulations to all women on this International Women’s Day.  Our founder  offers the observation that: "It takes courage and self awareness for a woman to remain calm and draw on her feminine energy...especially when confronted with the constant aggression found in the Yang energy, held in such high esteem [...]

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Event: Innovation, Creativity and Consciousness for Entrepreneurs

Whitespace in partnership with Band4Hope is pleased to invite you to an evening of energising information. We are looking for a small diverse group of entrepreneurs who are interested in increasing their focus and awareness while sharing techniques and drills that which we can use to improve our health and happiness throughout our daily [...]

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“Come on now, celebration Let's all celebrate and have a good time Celebration We gonna celebrate and have a good time” ~ Kool and the Gang 1980 As most of us return to work this January after the year end holidays, a typical greeting in the UK is, “How did you celebrate New Years?” [...]

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Magic Sponge is Stronger than the Human Brain

When I moved to the UK some 25 years ago, the Premier League of Football was just getting started.  I remember laughing at the physios running onto the pitch and applying, what the television commentators jokingly called, “a magic sponge.”  While physiotherapists and Sports Medicine have made tremendous progress since then, the sponge applied [...]

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Cryo Therapy – the Cold Hard Facts

“It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver.” ~Mahatma Gandhi When the top 100 global athletes from both team and individual sports are able to command annual earnings between $25 million and $250 million (Forbes) every advantage is constantly explored by agents, coaches and sports scientists to maximise their [...]

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The Importance of Attitude: How Changing Your Attitude Will Change Your Life

In order to consciously evolve and master ourselves, our attitude in each moment is what we should focus on as our gauge of personal mastery. We are beings of perception, and the quality of our perception is determined by our attitude. This is the importance of attitude. An individual who has the openness, honesty, [...]

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