Whitespace in partnership with Band4Hope is pleased to invite you to an evening of energising information. We are looking for a small diverse group of entrepreneurs who are interested in increasing their focus and awareness while sharing techniques and drills that which we can use to improve our health and happiness throughout our daily lives.

Karren Brooks, founder of Whitespace, will discuss her recently published ideas on Innovation, Creativity and Consciousness. This information will be accompanied by a takeaway handout which you can share with your partners and business contacts.

Experienced Whitespace mentors will demonstrate mind mending techniques to increase memory, information retention and self awareness. The holistic methodology of communication theory will improve your message exchange and help your business achieve your goals.

Healthy refreshments will be provided but any delicious dishes you may wish to contribute would be most welcome. The price is £35 which will include a set of 2 Band4Hope bracelets (normally £39) which support Zimbabwean artisans and spread the spirit of ubuntu through giving and real world connection.

Date: Tuesday 13th February 2018
Time: 1930 till 2100
Location: NW3, London

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Giving you my love through presence and co-creation,

Band4Hope Co-Founder & Whitespace Consultant