What Goes Around Comes Around…

One of the most important mathematicians of medieval Europe came to publish in 1202 the beauty and simplicity of Arabic Hindu numerals, as a better replacement for the, then more popular, Roman Numerals. At the beginning of the 13th Century discoveries and commerce in Europe were impeded by the cumbersome use of Roman Numerals. Even if math or numbers holds no attraction for you, we at Whitespace, believe you will be fascinated with the “Golden Spiral,” and its ubiquitous appearance throughout nature and indeed our galaxy.

Fibonacci spiral

Fibonacci was an Italian merchant’s son, who popularized and recognized the sequential formula which can be approximately expressed as 1.68 or adding 1+1=2…2+3=5…3+5=8…or , 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233etc. with each number being the sum of the previous two numbers and which develops a geometric spiral, found  in flowers and weather patterns and now bears his name.

Young Fibonacci wanted to help his father and other European merchants and showed them faster and more accurate bookkeeping with the Abacus he had learned in Northern Africa. His publication led the way for the great merchant revival in Italy and indeed, later, the Renaissance.

Science and mathematics,in particular,grew to an increasingly secular and indeed, anti spiritual endeavor until recently when the saying, “what goes around comes around,” is descriptive of mysteries theorized by quantum physicists. Whether an ardent atheist or  a true believer in the divine, what is inescapable is the universal formula of the Golden Spiral seen in Nautilus shells and hurricanes.

Whitespace choses to interpret this miraculous occurrence as evidence of the universal connectivity we all experience because of the physical and chemical overlap our existence requires.

Whitespace has adapted the spiral as our logo because we believe in Karma and the ability to influence our universe in a positive way and we believe that it will be reflected upon us.

The pictures of the Golden or Fibonacci spiral are inspirational for our community and we hope they inspire you.

Image from TRiver on Flickr