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Karren’s latest book, Spiritual Currency – Life’s Capital, begins with the simple analogy of one’s personal bank account which holds our savings capital and compares this ledger with a similar accounting of one’s life force energy, called ‘spiritual currency’ or ‘life’s capital’. While ideally, our monetary earnings and investments should increase over one’s life, allowing the most successful of us to accumulate billions, our personal life force or spiritual currency functions in the reverse.

Karren posits that each human is born a spiritual billionaire but loses life force currency with the difficult emotional upsets experienced during one’s existence. The goal of the book is to increase and utilize one’s inner wealth for maximum gain and ultimate good. The book begins with the economics of Spiritual Currency. The book challenges one to think and explore one’s belief systems regarding a variety of topics including Trust, Gratitude, Acknowledgment, Relationships, Sex, Energy, Presence, Wellness, Death and Beyond.. also included in the book are easy to complete exercises, called contemplations which may assist you in evaluating your personal development and increasing and maintaining your spiritual performance.

Karren relates an interesting meeting with the Dalai Lama which explains the importance of “intention” and the ability to reach desired “outcomes”. The reader is challenged to define and articulate our most important intentions and shown how to plan for the outcomes which will compound our spiritual capital.

Spiritual Currency
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A chapter dedicated to personal health combines quotes, anecdotes, thoughts and theorems from diverse disciplines including quantum physicists, philosophers, theologians, literary giants and respected leaders to review important life lessons on topics including sleep, sexuality and wellness.

The latest scientific discoveries regarding, rest, sleep and meditation provide the reader with valuable concepts to increase wellness and awareness. SCLC argues that presence and attention required for optimum performance will increase life’s capital.

The idea of omnipresence, as the ultimate connectivity with yourself and all around us, provides the ultimate goal of a wealthy spiritual existence. The chapter explains, ’it is not that we are in love with everything everywhere but that we are connected and open to the experience of receiving love from everywhere and everything.’

In the chapter titled Genius Within, the salient quote of R. Buckminster Fuller, “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” is a poignant reminder of the importance of understanding one’s talents and abilities.

Taken from the author’s consultative practice, the chapter titled, Innovation, Intention and Artificial Intelligence, explores actual case studies. The definition of ‘innovation’ is clarified as is, the importance of ‘intention’ to the process of creativity.

The author explains her quote, “Intentions have no Intelligence,” and why companies must organise to grow with the wisdom of Peter Drucker’s maxim, “Innovation is the specific function of entrepreneurship.”

The final chapter relates an actual business case study from the author’s consultative Whitespace methodology. While creativity is easily related to consciousness, the ‘how’ to understand consciousness is explained by examining a business problem. The author demonstrates how removing oneself from the problem by looking at the different perspectives and communication flows can help provide an innovative solution.

Finally, the book explores the concept of exuberance which leads to abundant happiness. The conclusion drawn by the author is that spiritual currency can be managed and compounded by increased self-awareness and connectivity.

About Karren Whiteley-Brooks

The author, Karren Whiteley-Brooks, founder of Whitespace & Innovators Highway, is an internationally acclaimed advisor and consultant with a global clientele including business executives, legacy families and elite athletes. Drawing on the wealth of experience from helping these high performers increase and sustain their success and happiness, Ms. Whiteley-Brooks has written a practical guide to self-exploration and spiritual development. ‘Real world’ examples will help entrepreneurs understand creativity and innovation and promote the genius within each of us.


The book is available at all good book stores including Amazon, Audible, Waterstones, WHSmith and more.

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