Terms of Service

Whitespace provides its services to you subject to the following matters, whereby if you visit, or purchase events, products or publications at, the Whitespace website, or attend public or private virtual or in-person retreats or gatherings with us and/or interact with any of our recommended facilitators, you accept the following conditions:

Please read them carefully:

All who study the teachings provided by and through Whitespace, or who interact with any of our recommended facilitators, have been moved to increase and expand their ‘knowledge of themselves’ and they, not Whitespace or any others, are responsible for any decisions and/or actions they take during the course of their daily lives.

The teachings and practices on our website are available as spiritual and practical considerations and applications, and are willingly chosen by those who engage with them.

The offerings of Whitespace and its recommended facilitators, are provided for the participant to encourage personal responsibility, and nothing on this website or anything contained within its products or its offerings is intended as a diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological issue. If you have a medical or psychological concern, please contact a licensed professional for your support, diagnosis and treatment.

By choosing to visit this website and/or listen to or view its content and/or by choosing to participate in any of the Whitespace retreats, events, or other public or private activities, you expressly agree to take full responsibility for your free choice to join in, and for anything that results from such participation, and you agree to forever release, discharge, indemnify, hold harmless and defend Whitespace and/or any of its entities, officers, facilitators, team members or other participants, for any type of injury, inconvenience or disagreement that you feel may have resulted from any such participation from any such participation.

Workshop and Consultation booking terms:

In booking for any of our workshops or consultations you agree that:

  1. Payment to be made by bank transfer to UK bank for the amount agreed in advance.
  2. Payment by credit card is available at a 4% additional fee.
  3. Payment by direct debit is available at a 2% additional fee by agreement.
  4. If you cancel before 4 weeks before the start of a workshop you will be refunded 80% of your payments.
  5. If you cancel before 1 week before of the start of a workshop you will be refunded 20% of your payments.
  6. You have the option to transfer to a different date for a fee of £50.