All You Need To Know About Happiness

Happiness has been debated, researched and theorised upon by theologians, psychologists, philosophers and even physiologists all opining on, why and how; many offering guaranteed techniques to achieve this much sought after and illusive emotional state.  It may seem a daunting task to deliver all one needs to know about happiness but we will try. [...]

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How were your holidays?

“How were your holidays?” Is a common question, when encountering someone in Britain during August and September.  It might surprise you to know that ‘hols’ or holidays, more correctly, is a derivation of the Old English word haligdoeg (halig holy and daeg day).  These original free days were inspired by religious institutions such as [...]

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Grace and Gratitude, Why and How?

In ancient Greek and Roman mythologies the Three Graces were the daughters of Zeus. These three sisters were reputed to be the embodiment of charm and beauty and creativity. Their virtues inspired artists, including Rubens and Boticelli, and most famously the sculptor, Canova, who executed several renditions in shimmering white marble. The Romans called [...]

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Corruption and Leadership

More frequently we read about leaders in large public organisations abusing their powerful leadership position. They are not able to manage their power and became greedy for money and fall down the corruption trap. A recent example was some of the FIFA leaders who have reportedly accepted bribes exceeding $150 million. The British historian, Lord [...]

Emotional Intelligence is smart business

Our Whitespace team recently discussed an article published by Entrepreneur Magazine and authored by the CEO of Trepoint, Bill Carmody, 5 Ways Entrepreneurs can use Emotional Intelligence for Marketing. The article offers good advice, encapsulated in five simple rules for success in digital marketing. The Whitespace experience during interactions with business executives would suggest, [...]

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An Amazed Feminist?

Andy Murray of Britain hits a return to Tommy Robredo of Spain during their men's singles final match at the Shenzhen Open tennis tournament in Shenzhen, Guangdong province September 28, 2014. Murray saved five match points before beating Robredo 5-7 7-6(9) 6-1 to win the Shenzhen Open in China on Sunday, as the Briton [...]

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